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Hassan Hamza Nkya is a Senior State Attorney in the Office of Attorney General in the Division of Legislative Drafting. His duties among other includes Drafting of Government Bills and other documents relating to legislative drafting; study and analyse Government policies and existing laws prior to or for purpose of drafting of new legislation; Drafting and or vetting of proposed subsidiary legislation such as Regulations, Rules, Bylaws and Orders as instructed from Government Departments or Ministries; Provision of legal advice to the Government Ministries, Departments and Institutions on various legislative matter;

Mr Hassan holds a Bachelor of Laws from Mzumbe University. He is also a holder of various professional certificates in areas of Ant-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, Post Blast Investigations, Prosecution Led Investigation on Corruption and Fraud Cases, Prosecution of Juvenile Cases and the Law of the Child and National Counter-Terrorism Course on Crime Scene Management.

As an experienced Attorney, who worked in the Division of Director of Public Prosecution, he prosecuted several Criminal cases in Subordinate Courts, he also attended several Criminal Appeals in High Court and Court of Appeal. He also prosecuted civil cases where the the proceeding is brought by or against the Government.

Hassan Nkya

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