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The Mission of the Board is "To regulate engineering practice in Tanzania and promote engineering excellence amongst local engineers and engineering consulting firms with a view to enhancing their competitiveness and professionalism in the engineering practice".


1. Eng. Patrick Barozi Registrar
2. Eng. Veronica Ninalwo Ag. Asst. Registrar-PDA
3. Eng. Fares Washa Asst. Registrar-Enforcement
4. Eng. Patrick Barozi Asst. Registrar-Registration and Technical Affairs
5. Mr. Odemari Rushita As. Registrar-Finance and Administration
6. Eng. Jamuhuri Msabila Engineers Employment Liason Officer
8. Mr. Joshua Njulumi Continuing Professional Deve. Programme Officer
9 Mr. vicent Vedasto Internal Auditor
10 Ms. Gati Max Procurement officer
11 Ms. Mariagoreth Joseph Accountant
12 Mr. Daniel Maiga Accountant
13 Ms. Anzanukye Mbilinyi Accountant
14 Eng. Angela andrew Computer System Administrator
15 Eng. Yurendi Rwegubisa Enforcement Officer
16 Eng.Eustad Kikwasi Enforcement Officer
17 Eng. Christian Kiwelu Enforcement Officer
18 Eng. Erick Nestory Registration Officer
19 Ms. Elizabeth Mark Registration Officer
20 Mr. Andrew Chambo Registration Officer
21 Ms. Magdalena Venance HR and Administration Officer





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1. Time Table for Engineering Technician Day 2021

1. Time Table for Engineering Technician Day 2021

 PROGRAMME FOR 3rd ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS DAY, 23rd JULY 2021   Programme for 3rd Engineering Technicians Day July 23 2021.pdf ...
2. Annual Engineers Day 2021 - AED

2. Annual Engineers Day 2021 - AED

18th ANNUAL ENGINEERS DAY, SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2021 INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE TO ANNUAL ENGINEERS DAY 2021  Advert for AED 2021 The Engineers Registration Board (ERB), a statutory body established by the Engineers Registration, Act No 15 of 1997, as...
3. Registered Engineers


The Board wishes to inform all Professional and Consulting Engineers that, Pursuant to Section 12A of the Engineers Registration Act No. 15 of 1997 and its amendments, they are required to posses valid Practising License. The current Licenses are...
5.Course on Construction Contract Administration - NCC

5.Course on Construction Contract Administration - NCC

The National Construction Council is organizing a five days course (24th to 28th May,2021) onConstruction Contract Administration in MWANZA. The Objective of the course is to help participants understand the practical aspects of administration of construction...
Licensed Engineers as of February, 2021

Licensed Engineers as of February, 2021

Renewal of Practising Licence is subject to the submission of your CPD activities through MIS. Pursuant to Regulation 21(1) of the Regulations 2010 requires the engineers to possess a valid practicing licence. Therefore, it’s illegal to practice...

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