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The Mission of the Board is " To regulate and monitor engineering practice in Tanzania through promotion of engineering excellence among local engineers, engineering technicians and engineering consulting firms with a view to enhance their competitiveness and professionalism in the engineering practice"

Composition of the Board

Board Members are appointed by the Minister for Works. These are persons who are professionally qualified in their respective professions and of such experience that, in the opinion of the Minister, are able to ensure effective and efficient performance of the Board's functions. Tenure of office of the Board is 3 years.The Board consists of nine (9) members appointed by the Minister as follows:

(a) A Chairman of the Board who shall be a person who has positively contributed to the engineering sector in Tanzania;

(b) three registered engineers in the service of the Government;

(c) one registered engineer from a higher institution of learning;

(d) one professional from a profession closely related to engineering;

(e) two registered engineers not being in the service of the Government as follows:

(i)one registered engineer nominated in writing by the Institution of Engineers Tanzania; and

(ii)one registered engineer nominated in writing by the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania.

(f) legally qualified person holding office in the Attorney General's Chambers nominated by the Attorney General in that behalf.

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The Latest News..

1. Change of Venue

1. Change of Venue

ADVERT FOR CHANGING VENUE AND DATE ANNUAL ENGINEERS DAY 2019 ERB Wishes to inform all engineers, technicians and stakeholders that the Annual Engineers Day 2019 has been reschedulled to Aug 29 -30, 2019 and will be held in Dar es Salaam (Diamond...
1. ERB Management Info. System (MIS)

1. ERB Management Info. System (MIS)

Access the system through http://registration.erb.go.tz/ New Member: Fill member registration and submit the form. The system will send an e-mail with the username and password to access your account Then login portal at the top right-hand corner...


kindly download CPD CALENDER OF ACTIVITIES for 2019 arranged by IET , ACET and  ERB Click here to download
3. Engineering Dev. Fund 2019 (EDF)

3. Engineering Dev. Fund 2019 (EDF)

CONTRIBUTION TO ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT FACILITY Following Engineer’s Resolutions during Annual Engineers Day on September 07, 2018 that all registered engineers, engineering technicians and firms to contribute to the facility and therefore the...
3. ERB Professional Exam

3. ERB Professional Exam

ERB PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION   The Engineers Registration Board (ERB) is a statutory body established under the Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1997 as amended by the Engineers Registration Act No. 24 of 2007. As one of its key activities the Board...


Introduction to staging of MASTER CLASS Sessions Two very senior Engineers who have practiced in TANZANIA for over 40 years have prepared structured MASTER CLASS Sessions covering construction Projects. These are suitable for practising Architects,...

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